Dragons Den Tattoo Company

Dragons Den Tattoo Company, 4459 Hickory Blvd, Granite Falls, NC 28630
Phone: (828) 396-0100 Email: jp0070@gmail.com

Our Studio

Our History

We opened our doors in 1993. We have been busting our ASSES off to make our Tattoo Parlor the best around. We are honored to be involved with one of the best Tattoo festivals in the world. Come and check out the festival in downtown Lenoir, NC. For advance tickets click here!

Advance Ticketing

How We Work

We have 6 artists to choose from so come walk around and look at their profiles. We are normally booked weeks in advance so your best bet is call to set up an appointment or use our website.

Black and Grey, Color, Watercolor. We cover IT all!!!!!
We pierce almost everything. Set up an appointment!!

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Our Artists

Tattoo Artist A

Chris Hollifield

Chris Hollifield is world known for this amazing black and grey shading.
Tattoo Artist B


Tattoo artist
Maci is well known for her amazing color.
Tattoo Artist C


Tattoo artist
Phil brings elite tattooing and is amazing plain and simple.
Tattoo Artist C


Tattoo artist
Brandon brings elite tattooing and coloring.
Tattoo Artist C


Tattoo artist
Wilkie has it alll.
Tattoo Artist C


Tattoo artist
Drew is kicking ass.

Latest Works

Work 01
Work 02

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carriage house tattoo gathering A
Work 03
Work 04
Work 05

Work 06
Work 07
Work 08
Work 09
Work 10
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Carolina Tattoo and Arts Gathering


Carolina Tattoo and Arts Gathering

September 1-3
Lenoir, NC USA

Carolina Tattoo and Arts Gathering is going to be HUGE!! Last year was amazing; picked by many as one of the best fests around. This year is going to be even better!!!